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Altodigital Networks Ltd
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Altodigital Networks Ltd

What did they need?

Altodigital required a new online cybersecurity and phishing simulation partner, one which was flexible and responsive enough to suit a dynamic workforce with evolving demands.

How were Bob’s Business able to help?

Bob’s Business’ existing range of cybersecurity courses and ‘Think Before You Click’ phishing simulation solution provided the ideal base solution, which was then customised to suit Altodigital’s unique requirements.

The outcome

Bob’s Business’ cybersecurity courses were able to raise awareness levels across Altodigital’s organisation, helping Altodigital retain ISO 27001 certification by addressing employee awareness, skills and knowledge.

Altodigital also made use of our included Policy Management services, issuing their internal policies through our LMS to ensure their workforce were completing their mandatory training.

What they said

I have worked with other online training and phishing simulation providers in the past and what sets Bob’s Business apart is their superior level of customer service, their flexibility and the thought that goes into the content. This all makes excellent value for money.

Richard Cornell, Altodigital Networks Ltd

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