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World-class eLearning and phishing training to build cultures

Combining all the features of Bob's Compliance with our award-winning simulated phishing training, policy management and dedicated support, Bob’s Culture is the ultimate solution to human-error-related breaches within your organisation.


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Organisations looking for an innovative and complete eLearning solution for reducing their risk of human-error-related breaches and developing a positive cybersecurity culture.

Human Vulnerability Assessment

Bob's Culture begins with our Human Vulnerability Assessment, which uses a Phishing Baseline and Awareness Questionnaire to determine your organisation’s blind spots and create your tailored course rollout plan. It includes:

Phishing Baseline
Pre-Assessment Questionnaire
Organisation Analysis Call

What’s covered

What's included in Bob's Culture?

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Human Vulnerability Assessment

Our unique HVA is exclusive to Bob's Culture, tailoring your course rollout and targeting the gaps in your organisational knowledge.

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Full access to our course catalogue

Bob’s Culture offers full access to our unique, animated and NCSC-accredited course catalogue, covering topics from cybersecurity to compliance.

Award-winning phishing

Bob's Culture includes monthly or quarterly simulated phishing emails as part of our award-winning Think Before You Click programme.

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Best-in class reporting

Our deep reporting functionality helps highlight organisational improvement and demonstrate ROI.

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Included LMS

Bob’s Culture includes access to your own customisable organisational Learning Management System (LMS), branded to match your organisation.

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Full support

Think of us as an extension of your team. Our customer service and technical team are always on hand to help build your cybersecurity culture.

Simulated phishing training

Bob's Culture includes our award-winning Bob's Phishing as standard, training your team to spot and stop phishing emails before they expose your systems and data. It includes:

Tailored phishing emails
Targeted training
Continuous support

Policy and course management

Bob's Culture includes advanced policy and course management functionality, enabling you to ensure workforce compliance with your policies and even upload your own courses.

Upload policy documents
Upload your own courses
Track user acceptance and completion

Truly innovative training

How Bob's Culture works

Training alone isn’t enough to change cultures; that’s why our Culture Package goes further to reinforce positive behaviours. Here's how we do it.

Launch your Human Vulnerability Assessment

Bob’s Culture begins with our HVA - scientifically designed to reveal the biases and knowledge gaps inherent in your organisation and determine your course rollout plan.

Roll out your monthly plan

We’ll build a monthly schedule based on your HVA results, tackling the critical areas of weakness across your departments. We’ll also help you to assign any specific courses you require.

Consistent communications

Each month we'll be in touch to assist with your rollout, share interim results and help you get the most out of your training.

Reinforcement packs
Demonstrate positive behavioural change

Alongside monthly reporting, we’ll re-run our HVA at the end of your 12-month term to help you see precisely how far your team has come.

Reinforce knowledge

Each course comes with our unique Reinforcement Packs, which contain everything you need to lock in knowledge and change cultures for good.

Deploy phishing emails

Our award-winning simulated phishing emails are deployed to your team, redirecting those who click towards our unique Think Before you Click training courses.

Reinforcement packs

The features don't end there...

Bob's Culture also includes

Continuous cycle of improvement

Bob's Culture is built to offer a continuous cycle of improvement, helping to drive down risk within your organisation.

Implementation & Communication Plan

The Implementation & Communication Plan included with Bob's Culture supports your course rollout with a diverse catalogue of materials.

Fully branded portal

We'll brand and customise your LMS with your logo and colours, so your team feel right at home.


Encourage your team with gamification that includes workforce leaderboards, badges and more.

Completion certificates

Our instantly generated completion certificates give your staff a sense of achievement help demonstrate their compliance.

'Report phishing' button

Your customer success agent will help you get 'report phishing' buttons set up across your email platforms, so your team can safely report attempted phishing attacks.

Ready to build your cybersecurity culture?

Whether you’re looking for complete culture change, phishing simulations or compliance training, we have solutions that are tailor-made to fit for your organisation.

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