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Bob's Compliance: Policy Management 

One of our most-loved features from Bob's Culture has made its way over to Bob's Compliance - policy management

Upload your own organisational policy documents, attach them to a course of your choice and deploy them to your team. When your staff take the course, they'll be prompted to read, review and sign your policy documents - making compliance management simple!



New course: Think Before You Click: The Game

Phishing attacks are at the root of 90% of all successful attacks, so giving your team the tools they require to protect your organisation is vital.

That’s why we created Think Before You Click: The Game. It is an all-new, fully gamified learning experience that utilises the principles of experiential learning to give your employees hands-on experience of preventing phishing, smishing and vishing attacks in a safe, controlled environment.

Available to Bob's Culture and Bob's Compliance customers. Learn more here


Bob's Compliance: Assignments and Assignment Reports

We're making assigning training to your team easier and more flexible than ever before, with the additions of assignments and assignment reports. 

Admins can now assign one or more courses to specific users or groups, as well as generate reports on those assignments. 

It helps you get the right training courses to the right people, and makes reporting as easy as 1-2-3. 

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