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Protect your organisation through phishing simulations and targeted training

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Phishing training and simulations to educate your team

Give your workforce the tools they need to protect themselves and your organisation from phishing attacks, through our award-winning solution.

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With phishing emails the most common attack vector in successful cybersecurity attacks, organisations of all sizes can benefit from simulated phishing training.

How our award-winning simulated phishing training works

Recognise phishing emails

We deploy targeted and tailored phishing emails to your team that simulate real phishing attacks.

Training employees

Staff which click are automatically assigned training which helps to create positive new behaviours around phishing attempts.


Regular communications from our team help reinforce lessons learned and reduce their risks of breaches.

Report attacks

Educated teams handle phishing emails safely, reporting them to their superior and safely disposing of them.

Our appoach

What makes Bob's Phishing unique?

Tailored templates

With over 200 templates, designed for varying levels of complexity, our template library simulates the hundreds of ways that cybercriminals impersonate legitimate organisations and individuals.

Fully managed approach

Once you've whitelisted our email addresses, the rest is in our hands. No prolonged set-up and more time to focus on what's important to your organisation.

Psychologically informed

Our phishing templates are not only designed to look like real phishing emails, but they also employ the same sophisticated psychological principles that make phishing the most effective method of attack.

Understand our

Psychological variables

Dozens of psychological variables go into creating simulated phishing emails which reveal the persuasion principles and cognitive biases that impact our decision making, including...

Social proof
Need & greed

Why phishing training?

Phishing attacks are the #1 cause of data breaches

Phishing awareness and training empowers your employees with the knowledge and skills to stay cybersecure at work and home.



3 Green Dots moving continuous from left to right
3 Green Dots moving continuous from left to right
3 Green Dots moving continuous from left to right
3 Green Dots moving continuous from left to right
3 Green Dots moving continuous from left to right
3.4 billion phishing emails are sent each day, according to research, making up around 1% of emails sent globally

Email filters
First line of defence

Automatic anti-phishing filters only stop a quarter of phishing emails, letting the rest through to your team's inboxes.

Your employees
Last line of defence

Empower your team to spot and stop phishing emails before they expose your vital data to cybercriminals.

Get to know our

Phishing Baseline

Training costs can feel wasted if the improvement is intangible. That’s why we created our Phishing Baseline to show you exactly how our training is building your cybersecurity culture.

See how much your business has improved

Understand your current organisational risk

An annual phishing baseline shows you exactly how far your team have come

Our Phishing Baseline is run annually to help you demonstrate ROI, and show your team how their behaviours have changed for the better.

Ready to build your cybersecurity culture?

Whether you’re looking for complete culture change, phishing simulations or compliance training, we have solutions that are tailor-made to fit for your organisation.

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