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Cornerstones Education
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Cornerstones Education

What did they need?

Cornerstones Education first partnered with Bob’s Business in 2017, initially signing up for Bob’s Compliance before moving to Bob’s Culture. With an original goal to achieve ISO27001 status and protect their organisation in a period of rapid growth, Cornerstones Education had not yet begun its training journey.

A consultant recommended Bob’s Business due to the comprehensive course catalogue and hands-on nature of Bob’s fully-managed service.

How were Bob’s Business able to help?

Bob’s Business provided Cornerstones Education with a fully-managed training experience that supported their growing organisation with engaging, effective and suitable training for all knowledge levels.

Bob’s Business has operated as an external team within the Cornerstones Education family, helping manage users, assign courses and supporting the team with additional materials to improve behaviours and build a positive cybersecurity and compliance culture.

The outcome

Alongside helping Cornerstones Education achieve ISO27001 compliance, Bob’s Business’ products have been instrumental in reducing Cornerstones' risk of a breach, with the organisation seeing year-on-year improvements in behaviour and attitudes, via the Human Vulnerability Assessment and phishing campaigns.

What they said

We love the ease of service from Bob’s and how friendly the teams are. Everyone we’ve worked with over the years is really lovely. The personal service is great and the courses are really slick too. We feel like Bob and Damien are an extension of our team!

Cathryn O'Shea - Online Security Manager

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