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Craven District Council
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Craven District Council

What did they need?

Craven District Council is a local council comprising the upper reaches of Airedale, Wharfedale, Ribblesdale and includes most of the Aire Gap and the Craven Basin.

Administering to a population of over 56,000 and with a council staff numbering 200, Craven DC approached Bob’s Business to upskill their staff and provide training to reduce their risk of a breach and protect their data.

How were Bob’s Business able to help?

Craven DC sought a training solution with a diverse course catalogue, an included LMS and the ability to launch and deploy simulated phishing campaigns to their staff.

Bob’s Business was the ideal partner to help Craven District Council achieve their risk reduction and compliance objectives.

Since 2017, Bob’s Business has delivered Bob’s Compliance as a fully-managed service, offering full access to our course catalogue and Craven DC access to a private organisational LMS. They have also undergone five years of Bob’s Phishing, helping to drive down click rates in phishing emails and upskill their team.

The outcome

With Bob’s Compliance and Bob’s Phishing, Craven District Council could easily deploy effective, short-form training to their teams - reducing risk and time spent training.

Additionally, the deep reporting functionality included in their products meant Craven District Council could quickly produce meaningful reports, demonstrating improvement and compliance.

What they said

Between the product, the service and having reports that are meaningful to us, we’ve had fantastic value for money. We can’t say enough positive things about working with Bob’s Business and the bespoke nature of the service they’ve delivered. Bob’s Business is the business!

Julie Ferguson - Data Protection Officer

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