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What did they need?

Hafod is a socially conscious, not-for-profit organisation providing housing, care and support services across South Wales to benefit their customers and communities.

Hafod sought a supplier that could deliver high-quality phishing simulations and a wide range of cybersecurity training courses that would integrate seamlessly with their internal Learning Management System. These would be rolled out across 700 of their colleagues.

How were Bob’s Business able to help?

Hafod were embarking on a wide-ranging digital transformation journey to transform how they deliver their services more efficiently to colleagues and customers. Part of that plan was to upskill colleagues, training them in cyber awareness and cybersecurity.

That’s where Bob’s Business came in. Bob’s Business supplied Hafod with Bob’s Culture in a content-only deal, which enabled them to utilise their existing LMS.

With an internal requirement to demonstrate improvement over time, Bob’s Business was able to roll out our Human Vulnerability Assessment quickly. This revealed their areas of organisational frailty, and when re-run, will show key stakeholders exactly how far their team has come over the course of their subscription.

The outcome

With Bob’s Culture, Hafod has rolled out mandatory training courses across their colleague base and have seen significant improvements in phishing email click rates, course completions and measurable cyber awareness across the organisation.

What they said

Delivering our Digital Transformation Strategy meant we needed a partner to deploy cyber awareness training and phishing simulations. Going with Bob’s Business gave us an easy mechanism to deploy those and measure the impact. The quality of the training is superb, and the levels of customer service we’ve received has been fantastic.

Dave Bodger, Digital Programme & Transformation Manager, Hafod

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