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What did they need?

HB&O initially contacted Bob's Business to deploy phishing simulations to educate their team of over 100 on phishing attacks, following a recommendation from Risk Evolves. As HB&O's requirements grew, they upgraded to Bob's Culture to take advantage of our diverse course catalogue.

How were Bob’s Business able to help?

As a result of the award-winning phishing simulations from Bob's Business, HB&O's phishing email open rate has fallen dramatically, and their team now routinely report suspicious emails. Additionally, Bob's Business' course catalogue has proven invaluable in educating and onboarding staff, with compliance topics like GDPR, Data Protection and Health & Safety proving particularly valuable.

The outcome

Through Bob's Culture, HB&O were able to reduce phishing open rates whilst training their team on a multitude of cybersecurity and compliance topics. Together, these elements have helped HB&O protect their users' data and meet their internal compliance goals.

What they said

As accountants, we have many training requirements, but Bob’s Business makes training fun. We love Bob and how simple, short and accessible the courses are. We also find the phishing simulations to be very, very useful and love how easy it is for staff to take the courses.

Sue Jackson, Practice Manager, HB&O

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