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HM Government
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HM Government

What did they need?

HM Government approached Bob’s Business to develop an innovative cyber security training initiative to educate over 70,000 members of staff and third-party IT service providers about the threat of phishing.

How were Bob’s Business able to help?

Bob’s Business developed Think Before You Click, an innovative simulated phishing programme, which incorporated three key elements: Education, Awareness & Testing.

The outcome

As a result of Think Before You Click, HM Government staff now routinely and quickly refer suspicious emails for specialist analysis, which has improved intelligence with their Cyber Security Command Centre, allowing them to deal with threats in a prompt manner. Bob’s Business’ simulation enabled HM Government to target education to where staff need it most. This approach allowed users to receive training at the most important time – directly after a mistake.

What they said

Due to the positive nature of the Think Before You Click campaign, Bob’s Business has allowed HM Government to gain strong staff and stakeholder engagement, including with Trade Unions who have recommended the initiative to their members.

HM Government

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