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The Law Society
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The Law Society

What did they need?

The Law Society was seeking a partner to review its internal policies ahead of an ISO 27001 audit, in addition to a series of bespoke courses which integrated The Law Society’s own policies with our training.

How were Bob’s Business able to help?

Bob’s Business’ worked alongside a compliance expert to ensure that our policies were aligned with the best practice methodology of ISO 27001, before delivering our courses to their workforce.

The outcome

Bob’s Business was able to aid The Law Society in gaining and maintaining ISO 27001 compliance and worked closely with The Law Society to integrate its policies with our courses. Together, we have been able to increase cybersecurity awareness levels across their workforce.

What they said

Bob’s Business continue to work with The Law Society to provide tailored, branded training modules to assist with the retention of the ISO 27001 standard.

The Law Society

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