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vXtream Managed Services

What did they need?

vXtream approached Bob’s Business with a need for accessible, on-going and relevant cybersecurity training for all staff. This training had to be verifiable during internal and external audit processes.

How were Bob’s Business able to help?

Bob’s Business were able to offer vXtream a complete cyber security awareness and compliance package, which included our innovative eLearning courses.

Bob’s Business helped staff become even more aware of security risks, and the frequency of training modules helped keep information and cybersecurity fresh and relevant.

The outcome

Bob’s Business’ suite of cybersecurity training courses, including ISO 27001 and ISO 9001, was able to help vXtream achieve and maintain compliance with external audit processes, whilst our engaging and lively courses raised cybersecurity awareness levels across their organisation.

What they said

Bob’s Business gives us the flexibility we need in terms of course access and availability. The format of Bob’s Business makes the learning process enjoyable and fun, and positively encourages staff to participate in learning. Additionally, being able to easily add new learning paths as legislation is introduced means that vXtream is maintaining consistency of knowledge and awareness across the business.

Jamie Donelly, vXtream

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