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Bob’s Business announces CyberLearn, our innovative in-house LMS

06 October, 2023

At Bob's Business, we're always striving to deliver outstanding training experiences to our customers. It's been our goal since we were founded in 2007, and it's as accurate in 2023 as it was all those years ago.

Now, in what marks the sounding of the starting gun for our next phase of business evolution, we're delighted to announce that our in-house Learning Management System's full launch is complete.

That's right - CyberLearn is live for all.

Developed in conjunction with Can Studios, CyberLearn is a customised version of their Training Post learning management system, tailored to our unique needs. This offers a host of benefits for organisations, including:

Tailored Learning Experience: With CyberLearn, we introduce a new era of personalised learning experiences. The platform's versatile architecture allows for bespoke features and functionalities, ensuring that businesses receive training solutions tailored to their unique requirements.

Agile Development: Empowered by CyberLearn, we're accelerating the pace of feature development and deployment. This agility translates to faster response times to customer needs and rapidly integrating new, value-driven features into the platform.

Scalability and Flexibility: CyberLearn has been architected to seamlessly scale with the evolving needs of businesses. The platform accommodates growth from small enterprises to large corporations while maintaining optimal performance and user experience.

Robust Data Security: By leveraging CyberLearn, we control data security measures completely. This ensures the utmost protection of organisational information, fostering an environment of trust and confidence.

"Our transition to CyberLearn is a testament to our dedication to innovation and customer-centric focus. This milestone reflects our commitment to equipping businesses with a dynamic learning platform that adapts to their needs and helps build positive cultures," remarked Melanie Oldham, OBE, CEO at Bob's Business.

“We are thrilled to collaborate with Bob's Business in this endeavour. The specialised version of our Training Post LMS speaks to the flexibility and robustness of our platform. By joining forces, we are elevating the e-learning experience for Bob's Business's clients and showcasing the adaptability and power of Training Post.” commented Paul Hilton, CEO of Can Studios.

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