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Bob’s Business Undergoes a Brand Refresh

06 August, 2018

Bob’s Business has enjoyed every moment of over a decade of helping organisations to become more cyber secure, and we’ve loved building the relationships we have over many coffees, many phone calls and many emails. Our friendly, human and professional approach to cyber security training will never change, but our image is.

Meet our new brand image

We are thrilled to announce we are smartening up our image with a refreshed brand to suit the organisation. We are still the same knowledgeable team here to help guide you through the right training solutions to suit your organisation.

Bob’s Business has always used a unique approach to get key information across by teaching organisation employees how to stay cyber secure using relatable office based scenarios featuring a colourful cast of animated characters.

Our cyber security training has effectively engaged and changed the security behaviours of hundreds of thousands of users and hundreds of organisations across the country and beyond. We have loved being able to help both individuals and businesses to feel more secure online, and we will continue to do so under our new look.

This rebrand was conducted to help us showcase our broader training and product portfolio, also demonstrating our ability to cater our training to many different industries, disciplines, audiences and organisations.

Bob’s Business has used a unique method of engaging and communicating cyber security training to help employees across hundreds of organisations prevent becoming victim to cyber attacks. The new brand can be seen on our website where we also have our latest cyber security awareness, GDPR, and compliance training courses.

The new website features an easily navigable layout and a mobile-friendly design to help visitors get the vital information they need as smoothly as possible. As well as a clean and crisp design, the new Bob’s Business website supports a live chat service so users can get in touch with the company’s responsive team with any urgent enquiries.

Bob's Business will continue posting regular cyber security blogs containing all sorts of handy tips and analysis of the latest industry news and trends with new monthly themes and series that cover the common FAQ’s of cyber security.

Founder and CEO of Bob’s Business, Melanie Oldham said: “We’ve worked hard over the last few months to modernise the Bob’s Business brand to make it reflect us more accurately and show that our courses can help organisations in any industry develop a more security conscious workforce.

When we would talk to industry decision makers about our courses, a lot of them thought that our image was too quirky for them. So with this rebrand, we’ve toned that down to make us more appealing to a broader market while still staying true to our values.

We placed a lot of importance on making the visitor journey on our new website as streamlined as possible and made it easy for users to get all the information they need about our courses.

“Our mission is to provide memorable and engaging educational content that bridges the gap between IT and end users, and produces positive long-term behavioural change for our clients.”

Over the past 10 years Bob’s Business has grown, and through our fantastic portfolio of products, amazing clients and our continued mission to change cyber security cultures we needed an identity that reflects not only our evolution but how we want to connect and communicate for the future.

While we still operate with the same established values, making informative, entertaining and jargon free training to positively change employee behaviour, we will encompass our products and services under a brand ethos that successfully communicates our fundamental character and spirit of our organisation.

We are ready for the next chapter at Bob’s Business, our brand refresh is the start of numerous exciting projects underway at Bob’s HQ and we can’t wait to share… watch this space.

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