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20 April, 2020

“How are you doing?”

It’s a question we’re asking our staff a lot these days. Whether it’s their physical and mental wellbeing, or the safety and security of their home working environment, there’s plenty to consider in these turbulent times.

That’s why we’ve built a new interactive eLearning course called Home Working, and why we’re giving it away for free. It’s our way of helping organisations and individuals get to grips with difficult times.

But what can you expect to learn from our free module?

  • How to secure your home network and protect your organisation’s information
  • How to maintain your mental and physical wellbeing
  • How to stay productive when working from home

We think it’s the perfect tonic for Coronavirus disinformation, anxiety, and the sharp rise in scams and cyber attacks prompted by COVID-19.

Getting started couldn’t be easier, just click here and fill in a short web form and we’ll deliver your course as a link you can distribute to your workforce. For more information, email

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