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Free Cybersecurity Awareness Month pack

22 September, 2023

It’s Cybersecurity Awareness Month, and we're thrilled to announce the release of our Free Cybersecurity Awareness Month Pack! 🎉

This pack will equip you and your team with resources to enhance your cybersecurity awareness throughout October and beyond. Here's what you'll find in the pack:

  • Cybersecurity Awareness Quick Wins Checklist: A handy guide to quickly bolster your cybersecurity defences with actionable tips and best practices.
  • Cybersecurity Awareness Month Desktop Wallpaper: Keep the importance of cybersecurity at the forefront of your mind with a stylish desktop wallpaper.
  • Email Footer Promoting Good Cyber Health: Easily add an email footer to your communications, spreading awareness about cybersecurity best practices.
  • Reusable Blog on the Importance of Reporting: Give your team a heightened understanding of the importance of reporting with a blog to use on your website or via email.
  • Four Email Templates for Your Team: Effortlessly communicate the importance of cybersecurity to your team with our pre-designed email templates, discussing common social engineering techniques.
  • Guides on Passwords, Onboarding, Phishing, and Remarkable Realities: Dive deep into crucial aspects of cybersecurity with our comprehensive yet approachable guides.

Ready to get started? Interact with the bot below to gain instant access now! 👇

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