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GDPR: 3 Months On

01 August, 2018

This week at Bob’s Business, we take a look at what the Internet looks like three months on from the introduction of the much anticipated General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that came into effect in late May 2018.

GDPR's effect: three months in

The regulation caused huge ripples across the world with many organisations preparing for it months before the regulation came into effect. Some predicted that the regulation would ‘break the internet’. Of course, as everyone knows, the internet imploded, everyone communicates by pre-agreed pigeon mail and no one dares to turn on their devices anymore.

The truth is the GDPR legislation has done none of that, but it has taken Europe and Britain a leap ahead of the rest of the world when it comes to personal data protection, privacy, transparency and accountability.

What was supposed to happen?

The GDPR was intended to bring a new, unprecedented level of data transparency and awareness to both data handlers and data owners and for every cry about GDPR deadline emails - consumers know more about their personal data rights than ever before.

Organisations are more accountable and our society will benefit massively from opening up the opportunity to counterbalance the information economy in a way that benefits organisations and consumers ethically and responsibly.

How can a business become GDPR compliant?

Here at Bob’s Business, we have been busy supplying all the latest training and information on the regulation through our short, informative GDPR eLearning courses that offer our signature sense of humour through office-based scenarios, which trains your staff to understand how GDPR affects their day-to-day jobs and what role they play to make the organisation compliant.

We have over a decade of experience developing an understanding of how learners take in information and guidance around cyber security training. We have used this knowledge to produce a collection of courses that cover all the key points of GDPR in a way that won’t bore your employees to death or waste precious hours at work.

Our courses, learning portals and policy management systems have become an accessible and robust resource for organisations who want to combat this new challenge in a way that helps them become more proactive, secure and profitable. GDPR isn’t the death sentence it was prophesied to be, so what’s next?

We know it can be hard work to stay on top of the workload sometimes, and life can get busy, so if you’re looking to host your GDPR training in-house we can provide a fully bespoke service supplying the entire GDPR eLearning catalogue in your organisation's branding and cater the content to your organisation.

If you are looking for advice on how to arm your employees with more ways to protect your organisations data, consider getting in touch with our team to discuss our cyber security courses and engagement packages.

Our friendly staff are here to talk you through the different GDPR training we have available and advise you on the best packages to suit your needs.

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