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Free Guide: How Organisations Can Create Cyber Superheroes to Take on Cyber-Attacks

22 February, 2023

When you think of cyber attacks, you might imagine that it’s only tech firms and the banking industry that are targets. However, every organisation in every industry has valuable data to lose.

A 148% surge in global ransomware attacks from 2020 to 2021 is testament to that fact. It’s an increase which has led to many organisations realising the importance of cybersecurity.

Digitisation is leading to better products and a wider consumer reach, but at the same time, providing new opportunities for cybercriminals to exploit. In conjunction with the increased flexibility of our working habits, the avenues of
attack for cybercriminals are greater than ever before.

In our essential free guide, we'll share the reality of cybercrime in 2023, help you understand the role of people in your organisation's protection and more, including:

  • The sectors most at risk of a breach
  • The true cost of cybercrime
  • Why every business should train employees to prevent cyber-attacks
  • How to turn a mild-mannered employee into a cyber-superhero!
  • ... and much more!

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