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How Bob’s Culture changes cybersecurity behaviours

07 April, 2022

Changing behaviours isn’t easy - just ask anyone with a kid - but when it comes to cybersecurity, it’s often essential. Research suggests that 90% of breaches start with human error, and so no matter how sophisticated your hardware and software cybersecurity solutions are, they can’t account for a member of your team making a simple mistake.

That’s why our training solutions are designed to reduce those behaviours that put organisations at risk.

To measure exactly how behaviours and knowledge levels are changing within businesses, we utilise our bespoke Human Vulnerability Assessment. It shows you exactly how your organisation is progressing in reducing human error in a simple, easy to understand format.

Now, with a full year of data from organisations of all sizes, we’ve anonymised and collated our data to show the effects that just one year with Bob’s Culture has on businesses just like yours. Here’s what we have found:


  • 7.8% of users admitted to sharing passwords, down from 12.7% in the opening baseline - a 39% decrease
  • 62.3% of users claimed to follow their organisation’s cybersecurity procedures, up from 43.1% - a 45% increase
  • 14.4% of users admit to storing company data on personal devices, down from 20.0% - a 28% increase
  • 15.8% of users admitted to downloading material without verifying its authenticity, down from 25.5% - a 38% decrease
  • Users reporting having sent emails to the wrong recipient was reduced from 34.1% to 25.1% - a 26% decrease
  • Users admitting to clicking on links in emails from unknown sources were reduced from 13.8% to 10.9% - a 21% decrease
  • 58.2% of users admit to reusing passwords, down from 66.7% - a 13% decrease


  • 6.6% of users felt unconfident in their ability to recognise phishing emails down from the initial 13.2% - a 50% decrease
  • 5.1% of users were not confident in their ability to browse the web safely, down from 10.3% - a 50% decrease
  • 6.9% of users lacked confidence in their ability to manage passwords, down from 11.0% - a 38% decrease
  • 5.9% of users were not confident in handling sensitive information online, down from 11.3% - a 48% decrease


  • 16.8% of users believed they did not have to worry about cyber security risks on work networks, down from 18.1% - a 7% decrease
  • 40.3% of users believed it’s the IT team’s responsibility to protect their organisation from cyberattacks down from 46.3% - a 13% decrease


  • Baseline phishing email open rates were reduced from 14.8% to 10.4% - a 29% decrease

Results after one year with Bob’s Culture and based on a randomised selection of 4053 respondents across 39 organisations.

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