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How experiential learning can strengthen your cybersecurity

25 November, 2021

As the risk of cyberattacks continues to grow for businesses, reaching record levels in 2020, it has never been more important to ensure that your teams stay informed about new cyber threats, as well as emerging technology and other tools that are able to enhance cybersecurity and combat online threats.

Developing employee cyber awareness is one of the most effective ways to protect your company from cyberattacks, as in 90% of successful breaches, it is employees who are targeted first.

At Bob’s Business, we believe in creating training solutions that your team actually want to take, and that means using innovative training theories. Join us as we explain.

How learning theories can be utilised in digital training

It is easy to see why it is important to invest money and time into cyber awareness, but as a business, you also need to see optimal results in return for that investment.

That means finding and investing in the most effective training solutions, designed to boost employee cyber awareness.

As we discussed in our last blog, experiential learning is a theory introduced by David Kolb in the 1970s. In short, it’s the theory of learning by doing.

We apply the experiential learning theory to the narrative-driven technological training solutions, Bob’s Business can boost cyber awareness within your organisation to levels that traditional training methods cannot achieve.

But why do we do it? It’s simple, research suggests that the knowledge retention rate of experiential learning can be as high as 90% - far higher than traditional training seminars, books or videos, for example.

So far, we’ve incorporated narratively-driven animations, gamified learning and quizzes and phishing simulations into our training, but now we’re ready to introduce a new type of experiential training experience: remote escape rooms.

Introducing remote escape rooms from Bob’s Business

Escape rooms have grown to become an established entertainment product, but their use in training has largely been ignored - until now.

Hack the Hacker is the first remote cybersecurity escape room, built to teach groups of up to ten at a time vital cybersecurity habits by having them explore the room together, solving clues and cracking the code at the heart of the mystery.

With workers now often spread out across the country, we’ve built Hack the Hacker to work for every organisation. The escape room connects your team together via Zoom where they guide a single avatar around the room, giving them instructions, so they can easily access it from home.

We’ve always battled against notoriously boring traditional cybersecurity training. Now with Hack the Hacker, our remote escape room, we’re bringing cybersecurity to life in an innovative and enjoyable way, one which bonds teams and builds knowledge.

Curious? Find out more about our virtual escape room and how this approach is a game-changing development for cybersecurity training.

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