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How Simulated Phishing Training Can Help Your Business

26 September, 2019

Cyber security is no longer something a business can afford to ignore. 

Trading online and operating a web presence is the new norm for organisations of every size - a fact which has given rise to a new world of dangers to combat.  

Like any industry, online platforms are routinely targeted by criminals. However, these online threats tend to be far more sophisticated and intelligent than their offline counterparts.

For any online business then, there exists a genuine danger if you’re not properly protected. According to the ICO, 4 out of the top 5 causes of data breaches are related to human error, which is why effective cyber security training can give your organisation a huge edge in the fight against cyber criminals.

Phishing remains one of the biggest threats to organisations, with 97% of people globally unable to identify phishing emails

Simulated phishing training helps your staff know identify phishing emails and know how to deal with phishing threats when they come in, with courses that can be tailored to the specific weaknesses and needs of your company. 

What Are the Four Stages of a Simulated Phishing Campaign?

Here are the four stages of our simulated phishing training and how you can benefit from them:

Stage one: Specify Your Needs

The first stage of deploying simulated phishing training is working with us to figure out your needs. 

This stage is designed so that we can tailor the course to give you the training that you and your staff need – it’s counterproductive to keep going over things your staff already know about, or giving workers information that isn’t relevant to them. 

There are lots of different ways to use simulated phishing training, so by letting us know what you’re looking to achieve, we’ll be able to form a setup that easily provides you with what you need.

Stage two: Tailor Your Training

Phishing emails disguise themselves almost flawlessly, and so do ours. With over 130 phishing email templates to choose from, there are plenty of personalisation options available.

With this tailored training style, you’ll benefit from a far more lifelike phishing simulation whilst also keeping the door open for further scenarios in the future.

Stage three: Start the Scenario

The next step is to get the ball rolling with your simulated phishing training by sending out the “malicious” email that you have crafted.

Then, you’re able to monitor how your staff respond to the email, so that you can identify where the major problem areas are and what needs to be addressed. Our in-depth reports feature click-through rates and area-specific data, so you can accurately identify where you are most at risk as a business.

Stage four: Evaluate and Improve

The final stage is to analyse the results of the simulated phishing attack. Our reports will clearly identify where you are strong, where you are weak, and where you’d benefit from extra training and education to avoid any major breaches that could cripple the company in one little click. 

From there, our phishing training courses will educate your staff on what they need to do to avoid falling victim to a phishing attack - simulated or real - in the future. 

Keeping safe is, for the most part, all about vigilance and knowledge, so don’t dither when it comes to informing your staff on cyber security – one simple training course could be the difference between a smooth sailing business and a total security breach.

Our simulated phishing training courses aren’t just designed to give your staff the information they need either; they’ll also help to improve awareness of threats, help you to track progress and effectiveness, and also break down the communication barriers between IT and workers with a jargon-free education experience so that everyone is on the same page.

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