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Introducing Bob’s Compliance

23 March, 2021

Bob’s Business is proud to announce the launch of an all-new, SaaS solution aimed at bringing cybersecurity training to SME organisations. Available from just £1.39 per user, per month.

At Bob’s Business, we know that cybersecurity is crucial for organisations of all sizes, not just big businesses. In fact, according to the FSB, UK SME organisations see almost 10,000 attacks a day.

Historically, however, smaller organisations have shied away from training their team on cybersecurity and compliance topics. Why? Because the products available to them have been too expensive, demanded long-term contracts and had features that SME’s don’t need.

The good news? We’ve built a solution that’s tailor-made to give you everything you need, and nothing you don’t, at a price that’s affordable for all. It’s called Bob’s Compliance, but what makes it the ideal solution for you?

Affordable pricing, instant access

Times are tough, especially for SME organisations. That’s why we’ve driven down the price of our training to make it affordable for every organisation.

From the price of a cup of coffee a month, your team can start learning critical cybersecurity, compliance and social engineering topics. Better still, signing up and enrolling your users takes mere minutes, and is completed online.

Full access to our NCSC-accredited course catalogue

With Bob’s Compliance, every member of your team gets access to our full course catalogue on your own organisational LMS, complete with completion tracking.

That means access to our full GDPR catalogue and popular courses like Secure Printing, Social Media, Carefully Classified, Email Etiquette, Mobile Working, Perfect Passwords and Phishing Fears; ideal for demonstrating compliance with ISO 27001.

No long-term contract (unless you want one)

We’ve heard you loud and clear - committing to a one or three-year contract is a significant demand in trying times. That’s why with Bob’s Compliance we’re introducing rolling one-month contracts.

It’s the ideal solution for organisations looking to give our training a try, spread the cost of their annual training or simply cancel their subscription as and when they wish.

Want even better value? One and three-year contracts are available with huge savings on monthly subscriptions!

Ready to get started? Click here!

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