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National Tree Week at Bob’s Business

04 November, 2022

It’s National Tree Week from November 27 to December 5 in the UK, and at Bob’s Business, we wanted to do something special that helps reduce cyber risk and protect the environment 🌳. 

That’s why for the entirety of November we’re going to be planting trees across the 🌍, in association with our ecology partner Ecologi.

How can you get involved? Read on to find out.

Book a demo & we'll plant 10 trees

In November, every single organisation that books in for a demo of our engaging and effective cybersecurity awareness training will see us plant 10 trees! That’s enough trees to mitigate over 5,300 hours of Bob’s Business training per year!

Ready to find out how Bob's Business can help increase cyber policy adherence by up to 45%? Click here to book your web demo.  

Sign up for Bob's Compliance, get 25% off and plant 25 trees

Bob's Compliance is the fastest and most affordable way to get access to our 60+ cybersecurity and compliance course catalogue for your organisation, and this month it's even cheaper!

For National Tree Week, we're knocking 25% off the cost of a Bob's Compliance monthly or annual subscription and planting 25 trees too. That's enough trees to cover over 13,200 hours of training each and every year. 

Become a Bob's Culture customer & we'll plant 100 trees

We've saved the best to last - each and every organisation that takes our comprehensive and innovative Bob's Culture plan will see us plant 100 trees in their name.

That's 2,500kg of carbon removed from the environment, equivalent to over 53,000 hours of training! 

Ready to learn more about how the advanced features of Bob's Culture make your business more secure? Speak to one of our experts today.

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