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Compliance Training: Everything You (and your Organisation) Need to Know

03 October, 2019

No matter the scale of your organisation, compliance training is an important process which can safeguard you and your organisation from legal issues further down the line.

Join us below as we share exactly what exactly compliance training is, and answer some of your most pressing questions about compliance training.

What is Compliance Training?

Compliance training can cover a range of different topics but its overall goal is to educate employees about the legal and internal policies which apply to their role and daily activities in their position.

The main purpose of compliance training is to walk employees through ethics and regulatory issues that could arise in the workplace and train them on how to guard against them effectively.

What Issues are Covered by Compliance Training?

As we have already mentioned, compliance training can cover a number of important issues in the workplace, depending on the sector you work in. In our case, for example, we offer compliance training which covers issues relating to information security, such as ISO 27001, and environmental standards, such as ISO 14001.

Other issues which often require compliance training include company policies, codes of conduct, diversity and inclusivity in the workplace, and business ethics. Certain industries, such as healthcare and finance, will have even more compliance training in place than other businesses due to the highly regulated nature of those sectors.

Why is Compliance Training so Important?

Whilst the importance of compliance training might not be immediately obvious, we've all heard tales of heavy fines laid on businesses which are charged with non-compliance or a breach of regulation. Avoiding those fines is perhaps the most important reason to undergo compliance training.

While no employee breaks the law knowingly – except for rare occasions – many times, a compliance issue can occur unknown to the responsible party out of lack of knowledge or understanding.

Of course, the reasons for undergoing compliance training don't stop at avoiding fines. Compliance training enables your entire organisation to work safely and efficiently from the same page, reducing confusion and friction within the business environment.

The right training not only ensures that your organisation remains compliant at all times but also equips your employees with the knowledge needed to spot any non-compliance or potential issues they may come across in the business.

What is a Compliance Certification?

A compliance certification is a fully accredited document certifying that your business meets the standards demanded by the certification specifications.

How can our Compliance Training help your Business?

When it comes to cyber security compliance training, Bob’s Business should be your first port of call. Offering comprehensive online training, our compliance courses can be tailored to suit public sector organisations along with local and central governments, and can be scaled to suit businesses of any size from small enterprises to large organisations.

To make the topic of compliance easier for staff to digest, we have segmented our compliance training course into bite-sized units for a more efficient learning experience.

For more information about how we can help your business achieve compliance, get in touch with a member of our team today.

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