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Why organisations should opt for a tailored cybersecurity training approach

17 February, 2022

Hands up if you’ve ever suffered through workplace training that feels like it was designed for somebody else. I’m willing to bet there’s more than a few of you out there.

Traditional training approaches for topics such as cybersecurity tend to be of a ‘one-size-fits-all’ variety, with little to no consideration towards the requirements of the organisation they’re deployed within. While one set of courses might be required for employees at one company, that same training may be totally unnecessary at another company.

It’s a situation made worse by the importance of cybersecurity training for organisations of all sizes. Weaknesses in their training programme can cause significant problems for businesses. With cyberattacks happening on an increasingly regular basis (up 50% in 2021!), having the most effective cybersecurity training approach can be the deciding factor in whether a major cyberattack is successful or not.

Your organisation is unique, it has different weak spots and vulnerabilities depending on industry and infrastructure. You may have legacy systems that are more likely to have security weaknesses or a high turnover of employees - and newer employees lack experience and training in cybersecurity. In fact, many organisations simply have overly complacent staff, placing them at higher risk of breach.

Other weaknesses include the types of technology solutions that an organisation uses, which can increase the likelihood of being targeted by a cyberattack. For example, companies with e-commerce websites offering online card payments have a higher risk of being targeted as they handle financial data.

As you would imagine, these organisations benefit greatly from our comprehensive PCI-DSS compliance training while people working for the government need more training in areas such as email etiquette.

How Bob’s Business tailors training to your organisation

At Bob’s Business, we believe that training is more than just a box to tick. We believe that a good training programme should build a positive cybersecurity culture that actively protects your organisation from the 90% of breaches that occur as a result of human error.

WIth Bob’s Culture, we deploy our proprietary Human Vulnerability Assessment to make our training as tailored and relevant to your organisation as possible. It’s why Bob’s Culture revolutionises cybersecurity training and, along with our uniquely engaging and entertaining content, why we have industry-high engagement rates.

The Human Vulnerability Assessment uses a Phishing Baseline and Awareness Questionnaire to determine where the weaknesses are within your organisation; your training programme is then tailored around these insights. An organisational analysis call is also arranged, with the relevant personnel, to ensure an in-depth understanding of your organisation and its unique requirements.

This information is then used to develop a more effective training approach that is bespoke to your organisation and will boost cybersecurity protection, through empowered employees who have learnt how they can become the tip of the spear in your organisation’s defence against cyberattacks.

Find out more about how Bob’s Culture can help your organisation to strengthen the specific areas of weakness that cyberattackers will be looking to expose, and turn your employees into the first line of defence.

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