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Why your business needs cybersecurity training in 2024

11 January, 2024

As we enter 2024, businesses will face a range of sophisticated cyber threats, both old and new, that can compromise sensitive data, disrupt operations, and tarnish reputations.

It’s enough to make any manager’s head spin.

In light of these difficulties, investing in cybersecurity training for employees becomes not just a cautious choice but an essential strategy to protect organisational defences.

Join us as we explore this year's challenges and how cybersecurity training can help your organisation combat these damaging threats.

Why every business needs cybersecurity awareness training in 2024

A new set of challenges:

Cloud technologies and the Internet of Things (IoT)

As businesses increasingly adopt cloud technologies and the Internet of Things (IoT) - think smart fridges and gadgets - the chances of cyber trouble increase.

Many IoT devices lack robust security measures, making them susceptible to hacking. The introduction of 5G technology further amplifies risks, enabling faster and more sophisticated attacks. To mitigate these dangers, organisations must prioritise strong security protocols, regular updates, and continuous monitoring.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

In 2023, Artificial Intelligence (AI) became a game-changer, revolutionising industries and sparking conversations across the globe.

While its positives are undeniable, AI has brought about new vulnerabilities, enabling faster, more innovative cyber attacks on organisations.

As we step into 2024, cybercriminals are gearing up to elevate AI-led attacks, such as:

Ransomware attacks

The evolution of ransomware attacks over the last five years has been remarkable, with attacks growing more and more sophisticated, and that pattern is unlikely to change in 2024.

With AI tools enabling ransomware A/B testing at scale, cybercriminals are testing new tactics, such as double extortion and AI-driven attacks, making these threats more deceptive.

Phishing attacks

Phishing attacks are on the rise in 2024, reaching new levels of sophistication - Advanced tools like ChatGPT make phishing attempts appear genuine, posing challenges in detection. Typos and grammar errors, once red flags, might become harder to spot.

The H Factor

The Human Factor - while technological advancements contribute to the digital landscape's complexity, it's crucial to recognise that humans play a pivotal role in cybersecurity.

Employees, often unintentionally, become channels for cyber threats through actions such as clicking on malicious links, falling victim to phishing schemes, or using weak passwords. Indeed, Government research has found 90% of breaches occur as a result of human error.

Cybersecurity training addresses this human factor by instilling awareness and best practices, empowering employees to become protectors of organisational data.

How can cybersecurity training protect your organisation from these threats?

Adaptability to emerging threats

Cyber threats are dynamic and ever-evolving.

A comprehensive cybersecurity training programme equips employees with the knowledge and skills to adapt to emerging threats.

Organisations can proactively defend against the latest cyber risks by staying ahead of the curve.

Protecting sensitive data

In an era where data is a valuable asset, protecting sensitive information is paramount.

Cybersecurity training educates employees on data protection best practices, reducing the likelihood of data breaches that can have severe consequences, both financially and in terms of reputation.

Mitigating ransomware risks

As discussed, ransomware attacks have become more sophisticated, often targeting organisations with the potential for significant financial gain or lax security procedures.

Cybersecurity training teaches employees to recognise and respond to ransomware threats, minimising the risk of falling victim to these malicious attacks.

Building the human firewall

Employees are the first line of defence against cyber threats.

Cybersecurity training reinforces the importance of attention and compliance to security protocols, effectively turning your employees into formidable human cyber heroes who can protect your organisation's digital assets.

Choosing Bob’s Business as your cybersecurity training partner

Bob’s Business are the UK’s Most Trusted Cybersecurity Awareness Training provider, equipping organisations with the knowledge and skills needed to protect sensitive data

  • Tailored learning solutions: We understand that every organisation is unique. Our eLearning modules are designed to cater to specific industry needs, ensuring that employees receive relevant and targeted cybersecurity training.
  • Engaging and interactive content: When training is boring, lessons don’t stick. Our gamified eLearning modules are crafted to be engaging, interactive, and memorable, ensuring employees retain crucial cybersecurity concepts and best practices.
  • Real-world scenarios: Our training goes beyond theoretical knowledge. We incorporate real-world scenarios and case studies, allowing employees to apply their cybersecurity skills in simulated environments and preparing them for the challenges they may face in the digital landscape.
  • Continuous updates: The cybersecurity landscape is dynamic, and so is our training content. We regularly update our modules to reflect the latest threats, technologies, and best practices, ensuring your employees stay ahead of potential risks.

In the face of escalating cyber threats in 2024, cybersecurity training is not just a precautionary measure; it's imperative.

Empower your workforce with the knowledge and skills to prevent cyber threats and fortify your organisation's defences today. Discover our range of affordable training solutions.

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