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The construction industry is the backbone of the British economy, making up 7% of the UK’s GDP. Although not a sector traditionally associated with technology, times are changing.

With projects increasingly managed remotely and responsibility for employee data, tenders, property proposals, plans, drawings and client data make them an attractive target for cybercriminals.

Ideal for

  • SMEs
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Studies have found that whilst the construction industry has stepped up its investment in cybersecurity, spending an average of £3,750 per firm, it lags significantly behind other sectors. Indeed, where spending is allocated, it’s often in the wrong places, with 90% of breaches occurring as a result of human error.

With an extensive supply chain and potentially thousands of employees, there are countless entry points for cybercriminals to exploit.

Sector concerns include...

  • Workforce noncompliance
  • Data loss
  • Business continuity

How Bob's Business helps construction sector organisations

Bob’s Business is an expert in helping construction sector organisations develop positive cybersecurity behaviours for over 11 years, with products designed to solve the unique issues found within the industry.

In-depth reporting, support for mobile devices, built-in policy management, bespoke courses and a dedicated support team mean that we’re ideally suited to help you.

Construction sector organisations love these courses from us...

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Ready to build your cybersecurity culture?

Whether you’re looking for complete culture change, phishing simulations or compliance training, we have solutions that are tailor-made to fit for your organisation.

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