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From nurseries to universities, the UK education sector comprises a vast and diverse range of institutions, each with its unique requirements in regards to cybersecurity. With over 1.5 million people working within it, as of Q3 2021, the demand for cybersecurity awareness training takes a uniquely personalised approach is significant, especially with 46% of all organisations identifying breaches in the last twelve months.

Ideal for

  • Primary schools
  • Secondary schools
  • Further/higher education institutions


With the sharp rise in students learning from home due to the pandemic, educational establishments have been forced into making wide-scale changes to the way they approach teaching. The result? A period of change in education unlike any that have come before.

Where there’s uncertainty, opportunistic cybercriminals are looking to profit. An astonishing 41% of primary schools identified a breach in the last twelve months, rising to 80% for higher education institutions like universities. It’s a remarkable statistic that draws into sharp relief the threat that educational institutions face.

Sector concerns include...

  • Data loss
  • Remediation costs
  • Reputational damage
  • Continuity

How Bob's Business helps education sector organisations

Bob’s Business has been helping to deploy cybersecurity training and policy compliance solutions across education sector institutions like the University of Northampton and DMAT Schools for over 11 years. With a suite of products tailored to the requirements of the education sector.

With in-depth quarterly and annual reporting, built-in policy management, truly engaging short-form training and support for devices of all shapes and sizes, Bob’s Business is uniquely positioned to help you deliver results.

Education sector organisations love these courses from us...

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Ready to build your cybersecurity culture?

Whether you’re looking for complete culture change, phishing simulations or compliance training, we have solutions that are tailor-made to fit for your organisation.

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