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Sport plays a central role in the life of tens of millions of people across the UK, and with an economic benefit of over £37 billion.

With such a prominent position, however, sporting organisations from football clubs to governing bodies have become targets for cybercriminals and fraudsters, looking to cash in on the perceived wealth of the sector.

Ideal for

  • Governing bodies
  • Clubs


With analysis from the NCSC finding that 70% of those surveyed within the sector have seen at least one cyber attack in the last year, the threats to the industry are real and numerous.

Email security, staff empowerment and cyber risk management have all been flagged by the NCSCs research. With the potential cost of a breach in the sector reaching over £4m, it’s essential cybersecurity is treat with the same responsibility as physical security.

Sector concerns include...

  • Reputational damage
  • Data loss
  • Phishing attacks

How Bob's Business helps sporting organisations

Sporting organisations have diverse needs and unique skillsets throughout their staff. At Bob’s Business, we’ve been trusted by the likes of Huddersfield Town FC to deliver exceptional results.

Our solutions help ensure compliance with standards like GDPR and freedom of information and empower your team across dozens of cybersecurity topics. With phishing simulations included and support for mobile devices, we’re ready to help you reduce your risk of a breach.

Sporting sector organisations love these courses from us...

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Ready to build your cybersecurity culture?

Whether you’re looking for complete culture change, phishing simulations or compliance training, we have solutions that are tailor-made to fit for your organisation.

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